Christmas is coming and Inflatable pool slides are getting popular among the people.

So do you know how to set it up and pack it down

Inflating the pool slide

No.1 Take the slide out of the Package bag and unfold on a safe ,flat surface.(Not stones or anything might pierce the slide)

No.2 Take your electrical blower, connect the blower and inflatable inlet.

No.3 Turn on the blower power and do not over inflate.

No.4 Use the anchor points to fix inflatable pool slide with ground.

No.5 Connect the water pipe and spray the water on the slide. This step is important because it allows the child to slide down happily.

Once finsih with use

No.1 Disconnect the water pipe from slide.

No.2 Rinse the slide with water.

No.3 Empty the water from all corner and make sure all water drained to avoid mold storage

No.4 Keep the slides inflating and store in a cool, dry place, avoiding sun exposure for at least 1 hour or until the slides are completely dry

No.5 Open all air outlets of the slide and release the sides of the slide until there is no air.

No.6 After the slider is completely deflated, fold the slider as much as possible. We recommend storing it in a dry, cool Package bag.