Inflatable Water Slide UK

Which inflatable water slides are hot in Uk?
Let me introduce these two following inflatable water slides in UK.

Inflatable Garden Slide Jungle

This slide is so cute that it can be easy to set up and pack down in your backyard. The jungle theme is a perfect choice for outdoor party and it is suitable for younger children.Bright colours and cute slide are easy to solve any of event, party or occasion.You can fill the pool with water for more fun.This slide will be a surprise in rental market.Because of high quality and the stitching,our inflatable water slides will last for year in UK.

Inflatable Winter Super Slide

This slide attraction was manufactured for a loyal and satisfied UK customer! customer said that he likes walking on thin ice alone.This slide is just a microcosm of the iceberg when people talk about winnter theme.This inflatable contain great fun and can be placed at any occasion or event!Depend on its cool and wintry colors, it truely is an eye catcher. This unique, large inflatable slide comes with three lanes for hours of fun!

Inflatable Pool Slide

Christmas is coming and Inflatable pool slides are getting popular among the people.
So do you know how to set it up and pack it down
Inflating the pool slide
No.1 Take the slide out of the Package bag and unfold on a safe ,flat surface.(Not stones or anything might pierce the slide)

No.2 Take your electrical blower, connect the blower and inflatable inlet.
No.3 Turn on the blower power and do not over inflate.
No.4 Use the anchor points to fix inflatable pool slide with ground.
No.5 Connect the water pipe and spray the water on the slide. This step is important because it allows the child to slide down happily.

Once finsih with use
No.1 Disconnect the water pipe from slide.
No.2 Rinse the slide with water.
No.3 Empty the water from all corner and make sure all water drained to avoid mold storage
No.4 Keep the slides inflating and store in a cool, dry place, avoiding sun exposure for at least 1 hour or until the slides are completely dry
No.5 Open all air outlets of the slide and release the sides of the slide until there is no air.
No.6 After the slider is completely deflated, fold the slider as much as possible. We recommend storing it in a dry, cool Package bag.

Inflatable Water Slides

Is there anything better than playing with water in a hot day? Inflatable water slides will save people .Why?Most of them are easy for you ,just connected with your house water pipe and enjoy your cool summer.
Our inflatable water slides are perfect choice for keeping you comfortable all day .
Some people may ask that are inflatable water slides only for kids?The answer is negative.Let me introduce our popular 20ft water slide available for ages 6 and up.

All of our inflatable water slides are in commercial grade .Our inflatable water slides are made of 100% PVC.
This slide can be disassemble with 2 parts.Put the slide on the edge of the pool for cool day.

If you are ready for fun,check our water slides page and call us to buy inflatable water slides.

Buy Bouncy Castle

I am totally opposed to buying bad quality bouncy castles.They are Rubbish and have been lead a huge increase in safety problems.
Recently, a series of reports indicate that there are many cases about buying bouncy castles related to many kind of injuries,including leg and bones injuries.
For example,this following accident is caused by children sliding down from the bouncy castle onto the ground ,hit by other children .An expert said that customers who buy bouncy castles with internal broken drawstring occur bubbles .

My heart broken when my kid falling downing from poor quality bouncy castle .Said by a mother.
More and more UK people are calling for importance of buying bouncy castles with good quality.

Kids Bouncy Castle

If parents are ready to prepare a party for your kid,then you set up some kids bouncy castles.Kids need to be taken carefully protected at any time.

You need to consider the following points when you choosing inflatable Retailer.

First of all,you need to know the company whether it has good quality and reputation.If quality problems happen,you will have no compensation.

In addition,it’s much easier to set up a kid bouncy castle than supervise the kids playing on it. will take the responsibility to help and guide parents .We will place each product with a complete guide for kids bouncy castle.
Secondly,there are many different types of kids bouncy castles.One thing needs to be cleared that bouncy castle theme must suit with party theme.So your kids and his friend will love them.You can click this website to choose your favourite product.

Bouncy Castle For Sale

Recently,there are many inflatable manufacturers coming out.Are you dazzled by looing for a bouncy castle for sale ? There are 2 attractions worth for your choice.

Question One:What factor is the most important?

Quality is the most important factor of all.Commercial grade is suitable for rental business. use Double-reinforced technology to fully guarantee your quality during production process. Double stitching for every corner, fourfold stitching with each stress point, Good reinforce strip at Entrance, Joint Part, Bounce Area and so on.

Question Two: What other factor is important besides quality?

Quality is not the only factor. That will be better if you have convinced certification for business.

You can find different commercial bouncy castle for sale on